You are a holiday rental owner and you wish to publish your rental on our site...You are welcome...
Our goal: to fill to the maximum your planning of reservation for 45 Euros per year (form 1)
We propose you:
- to present your holiday rental to the format A4 on screen. - to present your rental (printable): 10 to 15 Photos, maps, texts, tariffs, and your e-mail or phone/fax. - Description in 7 languages (Franch, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Spanish) . - to diffuse your house in France, in Europe and in world 24H a day - to diffuse in our 25 websites network:
5 English Holiday Rentals
4 Dutch vakantiehuizen
4 German ferienhauser
3 Portuguese Casa Ferias
3 Spanish Alquiler Vacaciones
3 Italian Affitto Vacanze - to reserve with your future customer without agency fees. - Description and list of the demonstrations and events in the area. - Reservation of the plane and train tickets - Exchange office for the foreign visitors (70 currencies) - Button impression of your page The users ... Internet in France: 9 million people . Europe: 60 million - 150 000 visitors/month on average this year with - high social standing of the users with significant budget. Really ?

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